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Enon tracing van leidingsysteem

With tracing we mean the complete pallet of electric heating cable. Electric heating cables are applied for frost protection, or temperature maintenance of pipelines, barrels, equipment, machine components, etc. Each application requires its own specific treatment and type of heating cable.


  • Self-limiting heating cable (up to 200°C) {cable that delivers less power as it’s heating up}
  • Serial cable (up to 230°C) {cable with fixed ohmic resistance per unit length}
  • Constant power cable (up to 425°C) {cable that delivers a specific power per meter}
  • Mineral insulated cable (up to 600°C) {a cable like closed tubular heating elements, it  has a core of resistance wire insulated by magnesium oxide}.

The cables are there also in an explosion proof version.

Accompanying products are (explosion proof) thermostats, temperature controllers, heat-resisting tape, insulation material, cable finishing sets, etc. Our technicians can determine for each application which heating cable is the best, and which power is required.

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