Feet Heating

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Feet Heating

Local heating of the feet with heating mats or footplate heating. These are used in places where people sit or are standing still. The footplates have been carried out with heating wire, heating film (carbon), a closed tubular element or a silicone heating mat.

  • A heating mat is fitted with a carbon fiber heating element and is standard available in various designs.
  • A footplate provided with a tubular element, the tubular element is thereby clamped against the bottom side of a steel plate (checker plate).
  • A footplate fitted with a silicone mat: a silicone heating mat is glued to the bottom of a steel plate (checker plate). In both cases, the footplate is provided with a temperature sensor or thermostat, which can switch the heater directly or indirectly.

The feet heating mats are available in standard configurations. The footplates are made to customer specifications.

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