Fan Heaters Stainless Steel

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Fan Heaters Stainless Steel

Enon Fan Heater Stainless SteelVentilatorkachel RVS type EVKS

This fan heater is made of stainless steel and resistant to dust, water droplets and vapor. Ideally suited for industrial and agricultural applications for heating of dry and wet and/or ammonia-containing areas.


  • Power: 9kW 3 steps 1.8/5.4/9.0kW
  • Voltage: 3x400 V + N
  • Flow: 700/1000 m3/hr
  • Temperature control: built-in room thermostat 0-40°C
  • Temperature protection: with manual reset
  • Switch modes: on-off, fan only, 3 heat settings
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Dimensions: lxwxh 670x450x600mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • House and elements in stainless steel
  • noiseless
  • Low surface temperature (fire protection)

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