Fan Heaters Portable

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Fan Heaters Portable

Enon Fan Heater PortableFan Heaters Portable type EVKP

This portable fan heaters can be used for space heating for industrial, agricultural and consumer applications, such as workshops, engine rooms, technical rooms, stables, warehouses, garages, cottages, etc.. The heaters have a varnished steel casing and the power can be adjusted with a knob at the front of the heater. With a knop at the front the room thermostat can be set from 0-40°C. All models are equipped with a cable with plug. The fan heater is available in 3, 5, 9 and 15kW.


Heater Canon type EVKK15000

This heat-canon is capable of giving off heat automatically once connected to such control panel, thermostat, even a timer or a hygrostat. Manuel operation is, of course, also an option. This device has an internal thermostat with automatic re-coupling which function is to switch off the heater in case of overload or short circuit. Also, with this heat-canon it is a possible to mount a tube, with the purpose to control the distribution of the heat.

All heater-canons are, prior to delivery, powered-up and tested in order to ensure the highest quality, thereby implying that this product is highly operational and economical. This heater canon can, with the proper use, be used without stoppage

Enon Heater Canon

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