Duct Heaters

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Duct Heaters

Duct heaters are used for heating gaseous media, such as air, nitrogen, flu gases, etc. Because of the variable building concept there are many applications for use in the industry, ventilation and climate control systems, machinery. These duct heaters can be used for temperatures up to +650°C and a working pressure of 0.10barg.

There is a distinguish between two side flanged duct heaters and plug in duct heaters. The most common execution has rectangular flanges. Execution with round flanges is also possible. Small standard round air heaters are used in ventilation and climate control systems with duct diameters ø100-ø600mm. The materials can vary from steel galvanised or stainless steel. These heaters are made with powers up to 750kW with supply voltages up to 3x690VAC.

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