Cabinet Heaters

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Cabinet Heaters

Enon kastverwarmers

Cabinet heaters are used in switching control and instrumentation cabinets. They are designed to maintain/achieve the temperature, in order to prevent condensation. We also use them in our control panels, often in conjunction with a fan.


  • Preventing condensation in switch and instrument cabinets
  • Frost protection of the cabinet
  • Maintaining constant temperature (with external or built-in thermostat or self-limiting)
  • Space heating for in crane cabs etc.
  • To fully utilize the heat of the cabinet heaters it is important to put it as low as possible. With wide cabinets, it makes sense to place for optimum heat distribution, multiple or extended elements. With large cabinets, the use of a fan is sometimes recommended.

Enon Cabinet Heaters with finned elements

Cabinet heaters with finned elements:

Cabinet heaters with finned tubular elements are larger and are available with higher power, even to 3kW.

Cabinet Heaters are also available in an Enon explosieveilige verwarming Explosion Proof version »

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