Ramp Heating

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Ramp Heating

Enon hellingbaanverwarming

Enon ice and snow melting system operates fully automatic. It automatically registers temperature, moisture, snow and ice, and then automatically switches the heat on and off when required. The area is kept free from ice and snow at any time, avoiding costs because of accidents, heavy salt sprinkling, snow shovelling or damage caused by frost.
The ice & snow melting system from Enon can be used on all outside surfaces, such as; car parks, driveways, loading platforms, pavements, outdoor steps and bridges. The ice and snow melting system consists of heating cable which is covered with concrete, asphalt or bricks/tiles. In the surface one or two sensors are installed, which automatically registers temperature, moisture, snow and ice. The sensor(s) and heating cable are connected to a control panel provided with an intelligent digital controller.


  • only heating there where it is necessary
  • safe driving without slipping
  • cheap to buy and use compared with water/glycol systems
  • preventing damage to the surface
  • environmentally friendly and maintenance free
  • easy to install, only a few small adjustments to the infrastructure

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