Teflon Submersion Heaters

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Teflon Submersion Heaters

Teflon immersion elements are applied for heating of fluids. The Teflon coating which is around the heating elements (cable) provides good protection against hot chemically aggressive liquids.

Specificatie teflon dompelelementen

The elements are available in flat and cylindrical type. The elements consist of heating wire (s) provided with a Teflon outer jacket. The connection cable consists of a cold part which may also be immersed in the liquid, and a connecting cable that must remain. Outside the liquid The Teflon immersion elements are available with a temperature sensor and control panel. The elements are suitable for bottom heating or heating at the side of a tank.

Heating at the tank bottom:


 Heating at the side of the tank:

Standard Cylindrical Teflon Submersio Heaters with thermostat

The cylindrical Teflon Submersion Heaters have an IP65 control box with control thermostat 0-90°C. The standard range is from 500W to 3000W.
We have vertical (type T) and the horizontal version (type U). These elements are perfectly applicable in tanks, vessels, and particularly IBC containers.

Due to the corrosion resistance of these elements, they are very suitable for the heating of chemicals.

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