Submersion Heaters

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Submersion Heaters

Submersion heaters we have in three versions, namely, on the basis of a metal tubular heating element (metal submersion heater), on the basis of teflon elements, or on the basis of ceramic elements, the so-called tube submersion heater.

Enon dompelelement

metal Submersion Heater

The metal submersion heater consist of a metal tubular element that is bent in a spiral form. The standard heaters are available up to 2000W, and are equipped with a thermal protection. The 3kW version has a control- and safety thermostat.
However, we can also supply special submersion heaters, carried out with a connection box and multiple elements. This allows us to use more power. These elements are provided with a safety thermostat and possible with a control thermostat.

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Tube Submersion Heater

These consist of ceramic stones with resistance wire run through the slots in the stones. These heaters can be supplied with a titanium, stainless steel or quartz glass tube, finished with a connecting cable or connection box. These elements are deliverable up to 4kW and are used for heating of all kinds of fluids.

Teflon Submersion Heater

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Teflon submersion heaters are applied for heating of fluids. The Teflon coating on the elements provides good protection against hot chemically aggressive liquids.

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