Hot Water/Oil Units

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Hot Water/Oil Units

Enon hot water/oil unit

Fully temperature controlled water or thermal oil in a closed system to 60kW. This plug & play units are easy to implement in your process, without major changes and are easy to operate.

Examples of applications are found in the plastics industry (polymer and elastomer forming, thermoforming, hot compacting, tracing, autoclaves, sterilization equipment, etc.)

The readymade heater units are equipped with: an electrical heater, centrifugal pump, atmospheric tank, PID temperature controller, control panel (3x400V + PE), cabinet with wheels. Capacities from 6….60kW, 3x400VAC + PE


  • Pressure execution, 90°C water Atmospheric execution
  • 90°C water, pressure execution
  • 110°C water, pressure execution
  • 140°C water, atmospheric execution
  • 180/250/300°C thermal oil

Easy, Compact, Durable, Easy maintenance!

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