Hot/Cold Units

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Hot/Cold Units

Enon hot/cold units

This plug & play units, fully temperature controlled heating and cooling, water or thermal oil in a closed system to 50/250kW. With this hot/cold system, water or oil is cooled via a heat exchanger fed by an external water network. These units are easy to implement into your process and are easy to operate .

Examples of applications are to be found in the plastics industry (elastomeric polymer and forming, thermoforming, hot- compacting, tracing, high temperature application).

Specification :
The readymade heater units are equipped with:

  • An electrical heater (6 - 50kW)
  • Cooling unit (16 - 150kW)
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Atmospheric expansion tank
  • Control panel with flow, pressure and temperature
  • Cabinet with of wheels.



  • Atmospheric execution, 90°C water, max 8 and 10barg
  • Pressure execution, 90°C water, max 12barg
  • Execution pressure, 110°C water, up to 12 barg
  • Execution pressure, 140°C water, max 12barg
  • Atmospheric execution, 180/250/300°C thermal oil up to 10 barg

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