Insulated High Temperature Drum Heaters

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Insulated High Temperature Drum Heaters

Enon High Temperature Drum Heater


Four standard sizes are available for drums of 25L, 50L, 105L and most commonly the 200L. All four sizes of drum heaters have their own internal insulation ensuring optimum thermal efficiency. These drum heaters are specifically designed for the melting or reducing the viscosity of products that require higher powers than can be achieved with the insulated drum heaters type EVVM.

The double insulated heating element is stitched into a jacket made from silicone coated glass cloth, insulated with a stitched blanket of needled silica glass complete with quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal.

All drum heaters are supplied with 4 metres of power cable and controlled via a fitted 20-220°C thermostat. 


  • Power: 200ltr/1200W, 105ltr/700W, 50lr/450W of 25ltr/380W 
  • Voltage: 230Vac
  • Double insulated
  • Silicone glass fibre cloth, with glass filament blanket
  • Capillary control thermostat +20...+220°C
  • 3m flexible cable

Custom Made:
A wide range of sizes can be manufactured to customers requirements. Higher power ratings are also available for metal drums. Please contact our technical sales team for advice and information.

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