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Drum heater insulated 200ltr, 1200W 230V, 0...+90°C

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These jackets are ideally suited for the warming of a variety of products including fats, oils and foodstuffs. Used throughout the world by a multitude of industries from pharmaceutical to chemical, cosmetic to food, the drum heater is the ideal solution for heating liquid materials stored in metal or plastic drums.
The drum heater is manufactured from lightweight but resilient materials and fitted with adjustable quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal. Temperature is regulated via an in-built thermostat up to a maximum of 90°C for plastic drums. Jackets with higher power ratings and 0-120°C thermostat can be manufactured for use with metal drums.

Technical specifications:
- Type: EVVM
- Only for use around steel drums!
- Power: 1200W
- Voltage: 230Vac
- Dimensions: 800 x 1950mm
- Temperature control: 0...+90°C adjustable thermostat
- Material: teflon coated polyester insulated jacket
- Mounting: 2 adjustable quick release buckles
- Connection box : black plastic, provided with thermostat and 3m connection cable
- Double insulated, IP40
- With CE-marking

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