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About us

Welcome on the Enon website for individuals and businesses. On this website you will find information of all our products and there is also the possibility to order products via the integrated web shop.

The products in the shop, however, make only a small part of our impressive delivery program and consist primarily of standard items. Most of our products need (additional) information and therefore can not simply be sold in the shop.

Enon is specialized in developing and providing solutions in the field of electric heating. This website contains general information of our products and some items are even offered in the shop. If you have a heat technical problem and looking for a solution, you can also call us or send us an email.

Our adress is:

Enon "inspiring in heating"
Bijsterhuizen 3007a
6604 LP  Wijchen
tel. : +31(0)24 645 58 88
fax: +31(0)24 645 44 04

Standard Solutions

We supply standard electric heaters that can be used for certain applications. These heaters usually are in stock or available within a short delivery time.

Enon Submersion Heater



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Customized Solutions

Besides our standard heaters we also have heaters that are made to our customer specifications. We can also supply a standard heater with a modification.

Enon Process Heater