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Enon Explosion Proof Radiator

Explosion proof space heating is applied in spaces which have been classified as a “hazardous area”, such as: industrial areas, painting cabins, warehouses, drilling platforms, etc. The convector can be applied in a space with a maximum environmental temperature of + 40°C and is provided with a adjustable control thermostat. The convector has finned tubular elements protected with a steel  screen and provided with a flameproof enclosure with Ex-cable plug.


  • EEx d IIC T3, according ATEX
  • Power 750, 1260 and 2000W (standard)
  • Supply voltage 230VAC of 3x400VAC
  • Thermostat 3-pole, adjustable 0-50°C
  • Provided with Ex-cable gland

We also supply radiators with other powers and supply voltages .

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