Kapton Heaters

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Kapton Heaters

Kapton verwarmingsmat

Advantage of Kapton Heaters

With its low thermal mass, superb electrical insulating properties and excellent resistance to most chemicals, it allows high power densities with fast and efficient thermal transfer. Being thin and lightweight with a wide temperature range polyimide heaters have a distinct advantage over other forms of heating elements. Where fast response, chemical resistance and a low profile is required polyimide heaters offer the ideal solution.


Enon supply polyimide heaters for many different applications such as industrial catering, battery warming, environmental control or electronics (particularly telecommunications), laboratory equipment and anti-condensation. The uses for polyimide heaters are infinite as they can suit any application requiring surface heating up to 200°C. Their suitability for arduous conditions has been proven in applications from polar expedition to space exploration. We are the final frontier in polyimide heaters!

Thermal Control

An extensive range of thermal control devices can be incorporated onto the heaters, these include thermocouples, platinum sensors and limit switches. Pockets and housings can also be applied enabling the client to install their own control devices such as PT100’s and capillary thermostats.

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