Connection Wires

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Connection Wires

Connection wires

Enon glasfiber epoxy draden

Glasfiber insulated connection wires, +350°C:
A nickel braided wire with glass fiber reinforced silicone outer jacket. Very good resistance to high temperatures. These wires are standard.

Enon glasfiber epoxy aansluitdraden

Glasfiber epoxy connection wires, +450°C:
A nickel braided wire with glass fiber reinforced epoxy-coated outer shell. Very good resistance to high temperatures.

 Enon flexibele siliconen aansluitdrade

Flexibel silicone connection wires, +180°C:
Very flexible connecting wire, suitable for applications where vibrations occur. Suitable to approximately +180°C.

 Enon teflon aansluitdraden

Teflon connection wires, +180°C:
Teflon wires are water resistant and easy to clean

Solid nickel connections: Solid nickel wire, not bendable.

Protection sheets

Enon RVS gevlochten beschermingsmantel

Stainless steel braided sheath:
For applications with high mechanical friction, where flexibility of the connecting wires is desired.

Enon siliconen beschermingsmantel

Silicone sheath:
Ideally suited for use in a moist environment with an average friction.

Enon metaalslang

Metal hose:
protects against mecanical damage en spilled liquids. Reasonable flexible.

Enon glasvezel beschermingsmantel

Fiberglass mantle:
Protects against high temperatures and is suitable for applications with an average friction

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