Cartridge Heaters

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Cartridge Heaters

Enon cartridgeheaters

Cartridge heaters are particularly applied in the plastic-, paper-, shoe-, machine and apparatus industry and laboratories. The load of these elements is up to approx. 35W/cm2.

Cartridge heaters consists of one or more heating coils centred in a stainless steel tube with condensed magnesium oxide. The heating coils are connected directly at pins or wires. The top of the tube is sealed by welding in a round plate. At the connection side where the wires or pins are coming out, the tube is sealed with lubricant paste and a ceramic plug. The cartridge heaters are made of AISI321 (some cases from AISI316L) and allowing a surface temperature of +750°C and have at a correct assembly a long life span. Cartridge heaters are deliverable in metrical- and inch-measurements. A large variety of connection wires are available.

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