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We supply electric heaters, temperature sensors, and control panels. The heaters and control panels are equipped with an electrical (wiring) diagram and can be easily connected by an installer or by an technical employee. However, we can also provide installation and connection work for you. Usually we take care of the wiring between the heater and the control panel. We also take care of the adjustment of the operating system.

For our ramp heating systems, we deliver the complete heating system and our installation team provides the mounting on location within the Netherlands.

Standard Solutions

We supply standard electric heaters that can be used for certain applications. These heaters usually are in stock or available within a short delivery time.

Enon Submersion Heater



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Customized Solutions

Besides our standard heaters we also have heaters that are made to our customer specifications. We can also supply a standard heater with a modification.

Enon Process Heater